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Banff National Park Canada

Banff National Park is one of the oldest and evergreen National Park located in the Rocky Mountains covering to the extent of 68-112 miles west of Calgary encompassing of 6641 square kilometers in the Alberta Mountain forests ecoregion in Canada.

Banff National Park is one of an amazing tourist spot for the nature lovers in Canada and it is the most visited National Parks in North America with more than three million tourists annually. The tourism in Banff is contributing six billion dollars annually to Canada.

Banff has become the best vacation tourist spot in North America because of its natural Upper hot springs. The Park has recorded with having of 56 mammal species such as GRIZZLY, Black bear, Bighorn sheep, Canada lynx, snowshoe hare, etc…

Winter tourism in Canada is center eyepiece in Banff National Park and is also famous for Banff Winter Carnival. Banff is targeted by the middle class to the High-class audience since it hosts many winter sports like cross-country skiing, ski jumping, curling, snowshoe and skijoring which are very famous tourist attractions to Canada in North America.

Banff National Park Weather 

Banff National Park Weather vary dramatically throughout the year. The average winter temperature ranges from single digit to the low 30’s. During the summer, average temperatures range from 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sun at these high altitudes is strong but however, no matter when you choose to visit, plan to wear sunglasses, a hat and plenty of sunscreens to protect against UV exposure.

Lake Louise and Banff National Park

Lake Louise in Canada, Canada tourist spots, Banff national park in Canada Banff national park has a small reserve of 26 square kilometers around the hot springs named as s Banff Hot spring Reserve. The Banff is surrounded by Lake Louise and amazing hotels. So many hotels provide the best accommodation in Banff national park. In the 1950’s, the trans-Canada Highway was constructed, providing another transportation corridor through the bow valley, making the Banff more accessible.

Lake Louise is one of the best tourist attractions of Banff National Park in the Alberta Rockies of Canada. The lake is not only considered beautiful for its crystal clear waters but also its surroundings made of snow-capped mountains and a humongous glacier called Victoria Glacier at its far end. At the base of the mountain near the lake, you will find a lovely small City which also shares the same name.

Banff National Park is home to several cultural institutions like Banff center, Whyte Museum, Cave & Basin National Historic site and Banff Mountain Film Festival etc.. and hence ranked as the best fun place to visit in Canada.

Banff National Park Hours of Operation 2016 – 2017:

June 17th to September 5th:
9 am to 7 pm
September 6th to June 16th:
9 am to 5 pm
December 25th:

Banff National Park Address: Improvement District No. 9,

                       .                                                   AB T0L, Canada.

 Phone Number: +1 403-762-1550

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