Niagara-falls, known for its beauty and vital source of hydroelectric power is one of the amazing tourist spots of Canada. The city Niagara-falls is a dynamic city located in the center of Niagara region.

The Niagara waterfalls are about 12000 years old. The name Niagara Falls is a United name for three waterfalls that bestrides on the international border between the United States and Canada. And the three waterfalls are horseshoe-falls, the Bridal Veil-Falls, and the American-falls. The horseshoe falls mainly lie on the Canadian side. The bridal vein-falls and American-falls both lay on American side divided by Goat Island.

Heights of Niagara Falls

The height of Niagara-falls is about 167 feet (i.e. 51 meters) and has the highest flow rate of any other waterfalls in the world. The area of the waterfall is also too broad which is more than six million cubic feet (i.e. 168,000 mᶟ) over the crest and almost four million cubic feet (110,000 mᶟ) on average. The elite place to have a better view of Niagara-falls is from Queen Victoria Park on Ontario side.

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Famous spots at Niagara Falls

The city Niagara-falls is connected to the United States by several bridges like Rainbow, Whirlpool, and Lewis-ton bridges. The city has many other points of attractions like Queen Victoria Park, the historical museum at Lundy’s Lane, The Maid of the Mist, Marine land and an aquatic theater. The thriving tourist industry of Niagara-falls has helped the city to grow culturally and commercially.

Another interesting thing about Niagara-falls is if you are golf lover, then the city looks much more beautiful for you.  The city Niagara-falls is recognized as a world-class golf destination. To make your trip to Niagara-falls memorable, visit the city during mid may to mid-September. It’s the best time to visit Niagara-falls.

Niagara waterfalls Address:

Niagara Falls State Park, Prospect Park,
Niagara Falls, NY 14303.

Niagara waterfalls Phone Number:   (716) 278-1796.


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