Salvador Beach

Salvador Beach in Brazil

Salvador is located on a small roughly triangular peninsula at the Bay of Atlantic Ocean. This bay is the largest in Brazil and the 2nd-largest in the world. It is the oldest city discovered by the Europeans in South America. Salvador beaches are well known for its exciting beaches in Brazil. Salvador beaches are well known for its clear waters and marine animals. Salvador is one of the best tourist spots in Brazil  attracting the tourists for it’s Island Beaches, resorts and outdoor parties etc..and the official language spoken here is Portuguese.

Weather in Salvador:

Salvador has an outstanding tropical rain forest climate. Here the temperature ranges from 20 C to 30 C and humid climate. Salvador has continuously drizzling throughout the year. In the month of February, the weather in Salvador is dry which will be the best time to visit Salvador beaches. Salvador weather makes a habitat for both marine and wildlife species and it is the best places to visit in South America during the holiday trips.

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Things to do in Salvador

Salvador is one of the amazing tourist spots in South America for surfing since it has uncrowded beaches making a spectacular view for the tourists in Brazil. Night dining in the sea shore of the beaches is one of the best experience you can have with your family. Having a look around the city is one of the best things to traveling the old city which has a network of cobblestone streets.

Accommodation and address of Salvador

Salvador hotels provide best accommodation facilities with excellent hotels and hostels at a budget price. Salvador being a port city is enclosed with duplex, triplex houses with magnificent gardens on the outskirts. Salvador has best budget hotels to the tourists in Brazil. Salvador Resort Fares ranges from low to high as per the budget of the tourists.

Av. Beira Mar
449 – Ribeira
Salvador – BA
+55 71 3494-7226

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