Kaieteur waterfalls

About Kaieteur waterfalls

The Kaieteur waterfalls in Guyana is the world’s largest single drop waterfalls located on pristine Guyana Shield with 741 feet height. The world height ranking is 123 and ranked as tallest single drop waterfall in the World.
There are many waterfalls with greater height and water volume but the Kaieteurfalls is one of most powerful single drop waterfalls in the world with an average flow rate of 663 cubic meters per second.
Kaieteur Falls is a single drop waterfall in Guyana and is about four times higher than Niagara Falls, and twice the height of Victoria Falls.
Kaieteur waterfalls were discovered by British geologists Charles Barring ton Brown and James Sawkins, government surveyors to the colony of British Guiana in the year 1870. Kaieteur is one of the majestic tourist attractions in Guyana with beautiful untouched wild forests.

Best places to visit in Kaieteur

Kaieteur waterfalls are the centerpiece tourist destinations in South America with its great wild forests and single drop waterfalls. Individual endangered species like Tiny Golden Frog, the Scarlet Cock-of-the-Rock birds, Bush Dog.

Trekking in Kaieteur Falls is the most courageous act which is loved by many tourists who visit Guyana and hence became the leading best tourist spots in Guyana.

The bird called Kaieteur Swifts, which nest under the overhang of the falls and swoop in and out of the water. Mainly during the sunset Surrounded by mist and fringed by rainbows makes a spectacular view at Kaieteur waterfalls.

Flora and Fauna in Kaieteur Falls

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The Kaieteur National Park is in the center of Guyana’s rainforest which is equally larger to Amazon Forests. The Kaieteur Falls is home to unusual flora and fauna in Guyana.
Kaieteur Swifts is a type of bird that is known for being the fastest living creatures, and it is quite capable of capturing flying insects. Kaieteur Park is specially designed to offer some great viewing of animals, birds and exotic plants. For nature lovers, Kaieteur National Park is the best fun place to visit in Guyana for making their vacation most memorable.

Accommodation at Kaieteur Falls

There are some hotels near Kaieteur Falls providing the best accommodation facilities with world class services and reasonable prices to the visitors during their vacation to Guyana. The cafes and restaurants with unique food items are very famous here.

Kaieteur National Park fees

The price to visit Kaieteur has reduced drastically from US$220 to US$130 for the tourists since it became the best places to visit in South America. Visitors can spend two hours sightseeing and be touring the national park and also provides buffet lunch which will cost US$70.

How to Reach Kaieteur Falls

It is very easy to reach Kaieteur Falls since there are many regular flights Ogle and Cheddi Jagan airports in Georgetown.
If you wish to take the memorable long trip to reach Kaieteur its best option to reach by Walk from George Town capital of Guyana which takes almost 3-5 days to reach and the advantage is that you will see lots of virgin rain forest with many great sights.

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