About  Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo the capital city of Uruguay. The city is sandwiched between the major cities of Argentina and Brazil. The city was established by a Spanish soldier in 1724. It is the capital town in the southernmost regions of Americas with an area of 78 square miles.

Montevideo stands in the seventh place in Latin America and seventy-third place (73rd) in the world in the category of Beta World City. The city has a very rich culture and is the hub of commerce and higher education, and hence the city is described as “vibrant, eclectic place with a rich cultural life.”
Montevideo is the best tourist spot in South America for having rich experiences in the World. It is 9th highest income earner and 19th in the South American Continent. In the early times, this city has hosted first FIFA world cup matches.

Weather in Montevideo

The city has cold winters from June to September, hot summers during December to March and volatile springs during October and November. Weather in Montevideo mild, humid subtropical climate with an average temperature of 16.7 °C and average precipitation is 37 inches annually. Breezes during the spring season give a pleasant atmosphere.

Best things to see in Montevideo

Mercado Del Puerto- the building constructed with steel and it was originally a market for fruits, meat, vegetables. It is also called as ‘Harbor Market.’

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Teatro Solis-the second biggest theater in South America and most important theater in Uruguay. It accommodates up to 1500 people at a time in the hall.
Montevideo has some beaches, which offer a great a relaxing spot during the sunny days. Walking along the Rambla which is a few miles takes you to the outskirts of the city.
Plaza Independencia – the heart of the Uruguayan capital, is a small Old Town with full of history and attractions.
Juan Manuel Blanes-Museum of Fine Arts opened in 1930 and is named after the famous Uruguayan artist Juan Manuel Blanes. The surrounding gardens of the city are some of the best tourist spots you can visit in Montevideo Uruguay

Accommodation in Montevideo

Being the rich city with highest number of visitors the city is providing the best accommodation facilities with affordable hotels with all luxuries. Dazzler Montevideo, Don Boutique Hotels are some of the famous hotels in the city. Montevideo has some restaurants with most delicious foods of Uruguay.

How to reach Montevideo

It is very easy to reach Monte video since we can avail direct flights from all the key international airports from all the countries. The city can be reached by boats through waterways, by buses and taxis from Uruguay.

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